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Open Letter to President Trump from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò




Saturday, August 8

20:10 CEST: Essential disclosures regarding the real hidden purposes of this artificial pandemic, which is also a fatal and satanic deception aimed at getting all people to accept and consent to a permanent isotopic marking, with the sinister diabolic sign of the beast, which is already clearly prophesied in the Apocalypse – part 10

21:16 CEST – Message from our Spiritual Guide regarding complaints expressed by some people about the Online Camp



    • Due to unexpected technical difficulties, we were unable to properly broadcast the foreign languages translations of Isotopic Marking part 10 this evening on MISA TV. We apologize for the inconveniences and we will soon return with an announcement about their replay date.

    • Hi SD,
      The meditations with godly attributes are not broadcasted on English channel but only on the main channel https://misatv.ro/live .
      Please note that there is a disclaimer on the English page that only some conferences, etc. are broadcasted in English.
      Thank you!

    • Hi Pernelle,
      English channel is available only during selected time-frames, as indicated in the English live page.
      If you know for sure the English channel is broadcasting and you cannot see it, please get back to us.
      Pura Vida!

    • hi Laura, the English translation is provided only to some of the live conferences, that are announced in advance in this English page.

  1. I am also finding problems with the English Channel…. I have checked and just now for example I can hear Romaninan language being broadcast, French being broadcast, but not English. Alos, the links do not seem to work in VLC for me neither.

    • Hi Austin,

      Maintaining 9 different channels with live translations most of the time can leave some text content not being updated in time. We do our best, but what you have experienced was most likely a slight different schedule. We hope to mitigate these situations in time.

      Pura Vida!

    • Please check the schedule. There are 9 languages now and sometimes updating the program for all these different streams might come with some delays.
      We hope these delays will decrease in time.

      Pura Vida!

  2. On the english translation you can also hear Grieg’s original lecture in romanian in the same time, if possible, can you please turn it off so that there is only the english translation? Thanks.

    • Hi Maxim,
      Would be nice to indicate which are those lectures, send us links. That was an old process of dealing with translations, we are currently changing and converting those resources to the new format.
      Sorry for the inconveniences. However, it will take a while to identify the old resources and fix them.

      Meanwhile, what you can do, is to go to your sound settings on your laptop or desktop, locate the channel you are playing the lecture to and play with the „Balance” setting towards to left or right, depending where your translated audio is (usually right). Do not forget to set the balance back to middle after you are done listening these lectures, otherwise, some other playbacks on your computer will be affected.

      Pura Vida!

    • Hi,
      English channels are only available during special events – like live conferences. We do not currently have full-time programs for foreign languages. Please follow the program displayed for each language.

      Pura Vida!


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