We apologize, but in the last days, the MISA Senzațional TV website has been under cyber attacks, which generated very severe technical problems. These attacks culminated Saturday 25 April and Sunday 26 April, exactly when the lecture regarding Revelations about Cabal should be broadcast.

Under these circumstances, MISA Senzațional TV will be under technical inspection until Wednesday 29 April, at 10 am (CET), for the camp to take place in proper conditions. We will come back with a announcement regarding the precise hour for starting the camp and the programme for the first days.
We kindly ask you in this period to check the announcements on misa.yoga website and the articles that will be posted on yogaesoteric.net, where you will find out of similar attacks which our school have been subjected to previously.

The online classes will not be held today, 27 April.

We will come back as soon as we have new info.
We thank you for your understanding.


On this page, you will find the link to the camp’s website starting with Sunday, April 26th. Please note that the camp website will not be available until Sunday, so you will not be able to register.
Thank you and we wish you a camp with many spiritual accomplishments!

The international yoga camp will take place online from Monday, April 27 – Sunday, May 10. Only people who have turned 18 have access to this camp.
The detailed programme of the camp will be available only on the camp website, and only to those who have registered. For those who do not register, only some of the activities in the camp programme will be accessible, mainly meditations, according to a programme that will be announced soon.
The registration procedure for all students of Atman member schools registered outside of Romania (including Romanians living abroad): https://atmanyogafederation.org/news/

Those who have signed-up for the camp will receive an access code by email that they will use to register on the camp website, in order to have access to the activities.


The registration process is done only once, at the beginning, and consists of the fol-lowing steps:

1. Enter the access code received by email (for example FF3MKJT4W, or MA7JOPS23). This code will be used only once, upon registration.

2. Enter the personal e-mail address where you received the registration code (for example: your.name@gmail.com).

3. Validate your personal e-mail address.

4. Enter a password that you will choose upon registration. Remember this pass-word. We advise you not to use the password of the email account.

5. Check that you have read the terms and conditions of access (can be found on the site, at the time of registration).

6. Click to confirm the registration process.

7. You will receive a confirmation email, on your personal email address, that the registration was successful.

8. Enjoy this spiritual event


Once you have registered, to access the camp website you will only need to log in, in the “LOG IN” section, using the email address and password you have chosen at step number 3 above.

ATTENTION! The registration of an access code can be done from a single email address.
Thank you!



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